EUA Council for Doctoral Education

2024 EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop

20 March 2023

The EUA Council for Doctoral Education (EUA-CDE) will hold its 2024 Thematic Workshop on the topic of leadership in doctoral education

In the course of two days, participants will gain a comprehensive understanding of leadership in doctoral education through a combination of traditional presentations and interactive sessions. The workshop will also provide opportunities for attendees to reflect on the relevance of developing leadership skills for supervisors, doctoral school staff and doctoral candidates and also to discuss additional issues related to the overall topic of the event.

The annual EUA-CDE members-only Thematic Workshops serve as a platform for participants to collaborate and share policies and best practices related to current trends and future challenges in doctoral education. They foster networking, dialogue and knowledge exchange among EUA-CDE members, facilitating the development of innovative solutions and strategies in the field of doctoral education.

For more information about the 2024 EUA-CDE Thematic Workshop or to inquire about membership, please contact the EUA-CDE Secretariat at